Writing English C & D

Course materials:

  • Writing Essays: From Paragraph to Essay. Zemach, D. & Ghulldu, L. Macmillan. 2011.
  • English Writing Course Pack. Marlowe, J. & M. Rooks. 2016
  • Graded Readers available in the Fukae campus library


Course goals

  • Build reading fluency through extensive reading practice
  • Build writing fluency through timed writing practice
  • Practice constructing complex sentences through sentence-combining practice
  • Learn to explain ideas and organize them into a cohesive essay

Course objectives:

  • Read 100,000 words at an appropriate level
  • Increase writing fluency output
  • Demonstrate ability to write a paragraph with topic, supporting & concluding sentences.
  • Demonstrate ability to write a cohesive and organized essay with an introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph.


  • 30%: Reading
  • 30%: Essays
  • 20%: SC/Timed Writing/ Homework
  • 20%: Teacher Option

Mreader Grade Check:

    Check your teacher’s page for details on your Mreader assessment.