Communication English C & D

Course materials:

  • You, Me and the World (2nd Edition). Peaty, David. Kinseido. 2010.
  • English Writing & Communication Course Pack. Marlowe, J. & M. Rooks. 2016
  • English Central Access Card

Course goals

  • Improve ability to express opinions and ideas in discussions on global topics
  • Improve pronunciation and speaking fluency through shadowing videos
  • Learn how to organize and give presentations using visual aids
  • Speak 50 Lines in English Central every week

Course objectives:

  • Demonstrate the use of discussion skills for content related topics
  • Demonstrate physical, story, and visual presentation skills
  • Effectively deliver a content based presentation using a visual aid on a topic related to global issues


  • 30%: Presentations
  • 30%: English Central
  • 20%: Participation
  • 20%: Teacher Option

English Central Grade Check:

      Check your teacher’s page to see how many Speak Lines you should have for each of your check dates!