Communication English A & B

Course materials:

  • Identity. Shaules, J., H. Tsujioka and M. Iida. Oxford University Press. 2004.
  • English Writing & Communication Course Pack. Marlowe, J. & M. Rooks. 2016
  • English Central Card

Course goals

  • Improve listening and pronunciation through shadowing videos
  • Improve speaking fluency through pair and group discussions
  • Improve conversation skills through the use of strategies
  • Improve listening comprehension skills.
  • Speak 50 Lines in English Central every week

Course objectives:

  • Demonstrate use of essential conversations strategies for English communication
  • Fluently express ideas & opinions related to culture and identity
  • Develop listening comprehension of general meaning & specific details
  • Demonstrate basic conversation skills


  • 20%: Participation
  • 30%: English Central
  • 30%: Conversation Strategies + Test
  • 20%: Teacher Option

English Central Grade Check:

    Check your teacher page to see how many Speak Lines you should have for each of your check dates!